Portfolio Description

Welding Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels can sustain cracks easily especially when driven over potholes and speed bumps. As the overall rolling height (wheel + tyre) remains the same on all cars, larger alloys requiring tyres with lower-profile sidewalls are more susceptible to crack damage. This is because a tyre sidewall flexes to absorb bumps and impacts, so a tyre with less sidewall (low profile tyre) has less ability to flex and absorb impact on our roads. Although all wheels can sustain cracks, larger alloys wheels are more likely to suffer from shocks and impacts from potholes, kerbs and speed humps, which mean that if you hit a kerb with impact, you are more likely to damage your tyres and alloys.

However, if you do notice a crack on you alloys, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy a new one and face a huge bill. Car Body Care Centre recommends their welding service to repair hairline cracks which is a fraction of the cost compared to new.

Our skilled technicians can assess your alloy wheel for cracks, stress fractures or kerb damage or any other defects; even large chunks missing from your alloy wheel can potentially be repaired. Most wheel types can be completed in 24 hours. The process is safe and effective and will return cracked wheels to a safe state so they can be successfully balanced, which is all part of the service at Car Body Care Centre

The Process

The initial process grinds out both sides of the crack or hairline fracture which gets rid of any contamination so the weld will be perfect. The next stage welds both sides of the alloy wheel, which is ideally the best method to great a strong weld. Once the weld is completed both sides, it is as strong as a new wheel. Finally we grind the weld down so it doesn't damage the inside of the tyre.

Welding the cracks is easy and still keeps the wheels strength and integrity. After the crack has been repaired we can refurbish the alloy to bring it back to life. With a standard painted refurbishment you won't even notice there was any damage there! The cost to repair your cracked alloy starts from as little as £60.00 including vat depending upon the severity and number of the cracks per wheel. We are happy to quote accordingly before any work proceeds.

How to spot a crack

More often than not cracks are only discovered when a slow puncture is found. However, it is good practice to check your tyre pressure regularly, so if you notice the air is going down quicker than usual it is a good indicator that you may have a hairline crack not visible to the eye. Simply pop your car down to Car Body Care Centre and we can check it for you.